“Her paintings have no place for routine. There are holiday and beauty there, and yet, a lot of color and light, rather, slightly more than in reality. There is just enough to make people able to use the deficiency of these everyday pleasures. “

“Арт и Шок “ magazine

The benefits of creativity - why women need... Moldova, 2014 Creativity is primarily something spiritual. It is the creative energy of the universe for the... Painting has taught me to live a good life. Moldova, 2013 Her name is well-known in the world of art, both in the Republic of Moldova, as well as abroad.... OLGA PERCINSCHI: " We restore the image of the... Moldova, 2012 She has an unbridled lust for life, she is in love with color and works on every line of her works a... Identifying solutions for the management of the... Moldova, 2012 On 1-3 February 2012, the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Moldova to the Council of... ART for Help Moldova, 2012 В республике существуют различные проекты, для которых “благотворительность” и “помощь” – н... Цвета и символы Moldova, 2012 Художник должен нести людям состояние внутренней гармонии и счастья, поэтому я никогда... Olga Perchinski: I am the director of my day Moldova, 2011 Olga Perchinski is an artist with so much inner peace that it does not allow time to fit in the... Olga Percinschi: Body-Art. Gods and people.... Moldova, 2011 She graduated the Art School Schushev, the Republican college of arts A. Plamadeala, Academy of... Olga Percinschi: the spring rising Moldova, 2010 The paintings of Olga Percinschi can be seen today at the OSCE Mission, where her personal exhibitio... Olga Perchinski: The exhibition, which will make m... Moldova, 2010 About this amazing girl and talented artist we can say in the words of Muhammad Ali: it is like a...

Olga Percinschi is a professional visionary artist, known for her unique style of 'Metaphorical Art'.She was born on 11 January 1982 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.She graduated “A. Sciusev” Arts School, «A. Plamadeala “Republican College of Arts (Department of Painting) and Academy of Theatre, Music and Arts (Department of Graphics).Olga is a member of International Association of Art “IAA/AIAP UNESCO “ , member of Union of Artists in Moldova “UAP” and member of the Ukrainian Beneficial Art Fund “Renastere-Vidrojdenea’.Her works were purchased for private collections in Moldova, UK, Russia, Romania, Turkey, India, USA, Italy.

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Showing outstanding expressiveness in her rem... more

Olga continually participates in national and
international exhibitions, awarded with diplomas.